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Top Westminster Watering Holes: Where to Enjoy a Pint

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Westminster’s pub landscape is a treasure trove of tradition and tales, offering an authentic slice of British culture. The best pubs in Westminster blend historic charm with modern flair, providing an experience as rich as the ale they serve. For the best pubs in Westminster, explore The Marquis of Westminster and The Blue Boar Pub, which stand out for their quintessential British cuisine and inviting atmosphere. In the heart of London, these pubs are perfect for those looking to savour the local flavours and history.

Westminster’s Finest Pubs – A Curated List

Discovering the best pubs in Westminster is a journey into the heart of London’s storied pub scene. Here’s a handpicked selection that promises to captivate and cater to all who enter their welcoming doors:

1. The Marquis of WestminsterA beacon of British hospitality, this pub brings village warmth to the city’s hustle. Enjoy classic dishes like fish finger sandwiches and sausage and mash amidst an atmosphere as inviting as authentically British.

2. The Red LionThis historically rich pub is where political anecdotes and ale come together. Frequented by MPs and history buffs, it’s the ideal haunt for those looking to imbibe a pint with a side of political lore.

3. Blue Boar Pub: Blue Boar stands out for a contemporary twist on the classic pub experience. It’s where traditional British pub dining meets modern culinary creativity, offering an array of choices from hearty fish and chips to innovative vegan options.

4. Munich Cricket Club: Step into a slice of Bavaria with the Munich Cricket Club’s lively Oktoberfest atmosphere. With live Oompah bands and a stellar selection of München biers, this Bierkeller is a festive haven where you can feast on traditional Bavarian dishes at communal beer hall tables​​​​.

This list is your gateway to the best pubs in Westminster, each with its unique charm and story. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, these pubs will enchant you with their fusion of history, culture, and culinary excellence. As you explore these venues, prepare to be drawn into the next chapter of your London adventure, where the city’s spirit comes alive in its favourite watering holes.

A Toast to Tradition – Top Pubs Near Westminster Abbey

As you stroll through the historical whispers of Westminster Abbey, the appeal of nearby traditional pubs is undeniable. A stone’s throw from the Abbey’s gothic spires, you’ll find havens of hospitality that promise to quench your thirst with history and hops. For the best pubs near Westminster Abbey, enjoy historic pubs like St Stephen’s Tavern, steps from Westminster Abbey, for a blend of ale and history.

1. St Stephen’s TavernA mere glance from the Abbey, St Stephen’s Tavern stands as an institution, boasting proximity and a penchant for perfectly poured pints and classic pub fare. Its wood-panelled walls and historical photos offer a backdrop that complements the time-honoured feel of the Abbey.

2. The Sanctuary House: Nestled close to the Abbey, this pub is a sanctuary for those seeking refuge from the bustling city streets. With its inviting atmosphere and selection of real ales, it’s a favoured stop for visitors looking to sample local flavours and hearty meals.

3. The SpeakerA hidden gem, The Speaker is a small but spirited pub known for its eclectic beer selection and vibrant atmosphere. It’s a place where conversation flows as freely as the ale and the warm welcome is as memorable as the visit to the Abbey itself.

The Speaker - Westminster
The Speaker – Westminster

4. The Albert: An establishment with a Victorian charm, The Albert is an enduring favourite. Its historical significance and extensive menu of British classics make it a must-visit for anyone searching for authentic pub dining near Westminster Abbey.

These pubs stand as sentinels of British culture, offering more than just a drink—they serve as gathering places that have witnessed the passage of time. As you explore these storied establishments, let your senses be your guide to the next leg of your journey through Westminster’s rich pub heritage. 

Westminster’s Sky-High Sipping Sanctuaries

Westminster’s skyline is punctuated by elegant rooftop bars, each offering an exclusive vantage point from which to enjoy London’s architectural grandeur. When exploring rooftop bars in Westminster, experience panoramic city views and chic ambience at haunts like Garden Rooftop near Westminster. These elevated escapes provide drinks and an experience that rises above the rest. 

1. Garden RooftopSituated atop the Assembly Hotel, this chic destination boasts panoramic city views. With a fine dining menu to match its exquisite scenery, Garden Rooftop is the epitome of a sophisticated night out. It provides a variety of options that cater to both food lovers and those who appreciate aesthetics.

2. LSQ Rooftop: Overlooking the bustling Leicester Square, LSQ Rooftop at the Leicester Square Rooftop Bar merges European cuisine with a breathtaking perspective of Westminster’s heart. You can certainly enjoy a beer, but for those wanting a change, the Prosecco flows as freely as the Rosé, complementing a brunch experience that is as lavish as it is memorable.

3. The Rooftop Bar at St. James’Just a short walk from Westminster Abbey, this bar offers a serene setting against London’s iconic skyline. Its relaxed yet trendy atmosphere makes it ideal for an evening sipping on crafted cocktails or a chilled pint with friends.

The Rooftop Bar at St. James’ - Westminster
The Rooftop Bar at St. James’ – Westminster

Each location not only presents a selection of beverages but also an ambience that encapsulates the essence of Westminster—a blend of historic charm and contemporary luxury. These rooftop bars are the crowning jewels of Westminster’s nightlife, inviting you to elevate your evening plans to new heights. Prepare to ascend to the next tier of London’s bar scene, where the views are as splendid as the libations.


Westminster’s pubs are a rich tapestry of history and modernity, offering something for every taste. The Marquis of Westminster and The Blue Boar Pub stand out for their quintessential British fare. At the same time, St Stephen’s Tavern provides a historic backdrop near Westminster Abbey. For those seeking an elevated experience, Garden Rooftop and LSQ Rooftop offer stunning views and fine dining. Whether you’re after traditional charm or contemporary chic, these venues define the best of Westminster’s vibrant pub and bar scene, ensuring visitors and locals alike are thoroughly spoilt for choice.

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