Do beer and chocolate go well together?

Cheers to Chocolate: How to Elevate Your Beer with Cocoa

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One might think it’s a question straight out of Willy Wonka’s playbook: Do beer and chocolate pair well? However, when combined, beer and chocolate can complement each other’s intricate flavour profiles, resulting in a delightful fusion of tastes. Exploring the realm of chocolate and beer pairing presents a tempting play of aromas and flavours that entices seasoned experts and beginners alike. So, let us venture on this journey together and dive headfirst into the chocolatey mysteries of this captivating combination.

The Milky Way: Best Beers for Milk Chocolate

With its creamy charm and sweetness, milk chocolate has become a universal treat many of us cherish. Interestingly, the evolution of milk chocolate dates back to the 19th century. Initially, chocolate was already consumed as a bitter beverage for centuries. However, with the introduction of condensed milk, it paved the way for the creation of a sweeter, creamier version.

Over time, as processing methods improved and marketing efforts intensified, milk chocolate gained unparalleled popularity, transitioning from a luxury to an everyday delight.

What is the best beer for milk chocolate?
What is the best beer for milk chocolate?

This rich history and universal appeal spark our curiosity even further. When diving into the world of chocolate and beer pairing, one can’t help but wonder: Which beer is the ultimate companion for this cocoa delight? Have you ever tried pairing your favourite beer with milk chocolate?

The appeal of milk chocolate lies in its perfect balance between cocoa and milk, creating a blend that’s neither too bitter nor overly sweet. Beer should provide a contrasting bite or a harmonious echo for the perfect balance. Enter the world of Belgian dubbels and brown ales. These beers, renowned for their malty backbone and hints of caramel or dried fruits, effortlessly align with milk chocolate’s profile. Every sip of such a brew elevates the chocolate’s creamy texture, making the experience intensely pleasurable.

However, for those who fancy a more adventurous route, a well-brewed stout boasting notes of coffee or roasted barley presents a fascinating contrast. The dark, rich undertones of the stout contrast the milk chocolate’s sweetness, offering a dance of flavours that’s both invigorating and satisfying.

But don’t just take our word for it. The art of pairing is deeply personal and subjective. The real magic unfolds when you embark on your own exploration, experimenting with different brews until you find that impeccable match.

With this foundation set, let’s journey further into this pairing wonderland. Next, we’ll dive into the polar worlds of white and dark chocolate. Are you ready to discover their beer counterparts? Don’t worry; there are no awkward Umpa Lumpa songs!

Journeying Beyond the Usual: Perfect Beer Partners for White and Dark Chocolate

White chocolate, often dubbed the maverick of the chocolate world due to its absence of cocoa solids, boasts a rich, buttery essence. This creaminess craves a beer partner that can both complement and elevate its unique flavour. With its fizz and delicate notes, a fruity wheat beer stands out as an exemplary match. The subtle citrus undertones in the wheat beer can amplify the velvety sweetness of white chocolate, resulting in a delightful gustatory dance.

On the other hand, premium dark chocolate, known for its high cocoa content and rich antioxidants, demands a beer companion that can stand tall beside its commanding presence. Its richness, stemming from high cocoa content, is both a challenge and a delight for pairings. An imperial stout or a deep porter, layered with notes of roasted malt or even coffee, can rise to the occasion. This pairing juxtaposes the bitter undertones of dark chocolate with the roasted essence of the beer, producing a symphony of nuanced and balanced flavours.

As we follow the chocolate river further into the art of chocolate and beer pairing, remember that these suggestions are starting points on your taste journey. The landscape of pairings is vast and varied, awaiting your exploration. While we’ve unveiled the potential partners for white and dark chocolate, the realm of beer and chocolate combinations is boundless, and the true magic lies in your discovery.

With your palate primed and curiosity piqued, let’s venture further, asking: have you ever heard of beer that tastes like chocolate? Prepare to be amazed as we unveil this intriguing concoction next!

Chocolate Beer: Myth or Reality

Is chocolate beer a thing?
Is chocolate beer a thing?

Have you ever wondered if there’s a beer and chocolate pairing that perfectly embodies the flavours of chocolate? If you’re a fan of chocolate-infused beer, this question might have piqued your interest. The answer is a resounding yes! The brewing world has gifted us chocolate beer, a delightful concoction where cocoa melds seamlessly with malty brews.

Today, popular breweries like Samuel Smith, Brooklyn Brewery, and Rogue Ales are renowned for their indulgent chocolate stouts and porters. These breweries have mastered the art of introducing cocoa beans or nibs during the brewing process. The result? A beer infused with authentic chocolatey notes, resonating with the depth of a dark ale and chocolate’s rich, indulgent character. Chocolate stouts and porters are particularly popular within this category, boasting a velvety mouthfeel and the unmistakable aroma of cocoa. Some breweries even go a step further, collaborating with esteemed chocolatiers to fine-tune this decadent blend.

But there’s more to it than tantalising your taste buds. The appeal of chocolate beer also lies in its story – a testament to the relentless innovation in brewing. It’s a celebration of two age-old pleasures coming together, forging a drink that teases the palate and narrates a tale of craftsmanship.

For those intrigued by the chocolate and beer pairing journey, chocolate beer offers a unique twist – a culmination of two worlds in a single glass. While the adventure of pairing individual chocolates with diverse beers has its charm, there’s an unmatched joy in sipping a brew where the pairing has already been masterfully crafted for you.


The union of chocolate and beer is a fascinating journey through taste and tradition. From the creamy allure of milk chocolate paired with Belgian dubbels to the robust depths of dark chocolate meeting its match in imperial stouts, there’s a world of flavours to explore. Our expedition even introduced us to the ingenious chocolate beer, where the essence of cocoa blends with brews. As we’ve delved into the nuances of chocolate and beer pairing, one thing’s clear: the alchemy of these two classics offers a delightful tapestry of tastes, encouraging every palate to embark on its own discovery. Got a hankering for some chocolate and beer now? Treat yourself to some Guinness and chocolate on Amazon.

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