What beer goes well with Indian curry?

From Bitter Hops to Spicy Pots: The Art of Beer and Indian Dish Duets

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Curry nights are a staple in British households, but which beer truly complements that tantalising Indian dish? Navigating the fusion of spice and brew, it’s clear that the proper ale or lager can enhance every flavourful bite. For those sitting at the table rushing to order a drink, the ideal beer for Indian curry balances the rich spices, often gravitating towards crisp lagers or hoppy IPAs that refresh and contrast the palate. Explore this mouth-watering harmony further and uncover the science behind this celebrated pairing.

The Art of Pairing Beer with Indian Curry

Finding the perfect beer to accompany a fragrant Indian curry can elevate your culinary journey. So, what is the best beer to pair with Indian curry? If you’ve been searching for the top beer recommendations for Indian dishes or pondering the ultimate drink accompaniment for spicy meals, you’re not alone. Many have been captivated by this combination, making it a highly revered pairing in the culinary world.

At the heart of this pairing lies the unique interplay of flavours. The robust spices of a curry demand a beverage that can hold its own yet not overshadow the dish’s intricacies. Beer, with its myriad styles, steps up to this challenge admirably.

One major factor to think about is carbonation. The fizz of beer acts as a natural palate cleanser. When indulging in a rich, spicy curry, every sip of beer resets your taste buds, letting you enjoy the dish’s complexity afresh. This interaction ensures that the rich textures and bold flavours of the curry are manageable, giving you a renewed experience with every bite and sip.

Another compelling aspect is the role of malt and hops. While the bitterness of hops can balance the heat and intensity of spices, the caramel notes from malt echo the sweetness in dishes like rogan josh or butter chicken. This pleasant blend of sweet, spicy, bitter, and tangy creates a symphony of hard-to-resist flavours.

And who can forget the refreshing juxtaposition? There’s the sheer refreshment of a cold beer against a hot dish. This temperature contrast amplifies the sensory pleasure, making each mouthful a delightful surprise.

But, as with all good tales, this is just the beginning. Dive deeper with us into specific dishes and their beer soulmates, ensuring your next curry night is nothing short of exceptional.

Perfect Pints for Iconic Indian Dishes

When navigating the wild world of beer and curry pairing, two iconic dishes come to mind: Chicken Tikka Masala and Korma. These cherished recipes, adored across British dinner tables, deserve the perfect brew to amplify their allure. So, what beer truly complements these favourites?

Chicken Tikka Masala: This dish, draped in a tomato-rich sauce with smoky chicken pieces, is a medley of robust flavours. Enter Amber Ales – their balanced malt profile impeccably complements the masala’s richness. The beer’s mild bitterness gracefully counters the dish’s sweet undertones, creating a harmonious duet of tastes. Each bite of this creamy curry paired with a sip of Amber Ale is a dance of flavours.

Korma: A gentler melody of flavours, Korma is a blend of creamy, nutty goodness. This mild and aromatic dish finds its match in Wheat Beers or Hefeweizens. With their delicate fruity notes and soft mouthfeel, these brews waltz effortlessly with Korma’s subtleties. The beer’s gentle carbonation accentuates Korma’s creaminess, creating a gastronomic embrace that’s both comforting and refreshing.

Indeed, while the vast realm of Indian cuisine offers myriad taste experiences, pinpointing the ideal beer for each dish can transform your meal from delightful to transcendent. But as we’ve unveiled these impeccable pairings for Chicken Tikka Masala and Korma, you might wonder about other Indian delights and their beery counterparts. Let’s journey on, exploring the regal lineage of a famed Indian brew to further quench our thirst for knowledge.

Kingfisher: India’s Regal Brew

What style of beer is Kingfisher?
What style of beer is Kingfisher?

Across British pubs and Indian restaurants, there’s one beer that frequently graces our tables when a spicy dish is served: Kingfisher. But what about this beer makes it a steadfast companion for our curry nights? And more importantly, what style of beer is Kingfisher?

For those unfamiliar, Kingfisher, emblematic of India’s brewing legacy, is primarily an Indian Pale Lager (IPL). Unlike the hoppier and often robust Indian Pale Ales (IPAs), which many might be more familiar with, the IPLs are distinguished by their fermentation and conditioning process. Brewed at cooler temperatures, IPLs such as Kingfisher offer a crisper, cleaner, and more refreshing profile. This makes them exceptionally drinkable, especially when paired with the myriad flavours of Indian curries.

With its light profile that doesn’t overpower spices and its refreshing nature offering relief from spicy bites, Kingfisher remains a top choice. Kingfisher’s delicate carbonation further enhances its pairing capability, effortlessly lifting rich textures off the palate and setting the stage for the next spoonful of curry goodness.

But Kingfisher’s prowess isn’t just confined to its taste and pairing attributes. Its iconic status also stems from its history and cultural resonance, having quenched the thirst of millions and becoming synonymous with the Indian beer landscape.

In our quest to find the perfect beer accompaniment for Indian curry, understanding the nuances of renowned beers like Kingfisher offers valuable insights. As we’ve journeyed through pairings and beer styles, let’s round off our exploration by consolidating our newfound knowledge, ensuring every future curry night is nothing short of perfection.


The effervescence of a cold beer cleanses our palate after a spicy curry bite. It’s a harmonious dance when malty Amber Ales pair with Chicken Tikka Masala. Similarly, embracing a Wheat Beer with Korma’s creamy nuances is delightful. Together, beer and curry are a match made in gastronomic heaven. The Kingfisher IPL, a symbol of India’s brewing tradition, emphasises this perfect pairing. In every sip and bite, it’s evident that the right beer, like Kingfisher, truly elevates our cherished Indian curry experience, making each meal an unforgettable journey of flavours. Cheers to the evergreen love affair of curry and brew!

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