What do they use for prop beer?

What do they use for Beer in Movies? Your Complete Favourite Guide

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Have you ever watched a gripping film scene and found yourself curious about the beer actors are toasting with? In TV and film sets, prop beer is typically a blend of water, food colouring, and occasionally foaming agents. This ensures actors maintain their sharpness without the buzz of alcohol. It’s not your usual pub pint but a craft of movie magic. Discover how these brews play into your favourite scenes and the secrets behind Hollywood’s beverage of choice. Action!

Prop Beer: What do they use for Beer in Movies?

In movies, the beer that you see actors drinking is almost always a stand-in for real beer, primarily to avoid the effects of alcohol, especially during scenes that require multiple takes. The most common substitute is non-alcoholic beer, which looks and pours like traditional beer but doesn’t contain significant amounts of alcohol, allowing actors to maintain their composure and performance level throughout filming.

For scenes where the appearance of beer is needed but its unique characteristics (such as foam and exact colour) are not critical, coloured water can be an easy and effective substitute. In cases where the colour needs to match more closely with specific types of beer, like darker ales or stouts, weak tea or herbal teas are used for their similarity in colour and safety for consumption in large quantities.

The film industry also relies on specialised movie prop companies that create non-alcoholic prop beverages designed to mimic the appearance and sometimes even the taste of alcoholic drinks, including beer. These bespoke beverages are particularly useful for close-up shots or scenes where the authenticity of the drink plays a crucial role in the storytelling.

Overall, the choice of substitute depends on various factors, including the scene’s requirements, the director’s vision, and the need to ensure the actors’ safety and well-being, all while maintaining the illusion of authenticity on screen.

Ready to plunge into the role of beverages in cinematic storytelling?

The Cinematic Pull of the On-Screen Pint

What do they use for beer in movies? A still from Warner Bros. Pictures - Beerfest
Warner Bros. Pictures / Beerfest – What Do they use for Beer in Movies?

From classic films of the 40s to modern blockbusters, beverages, especially beer, have found their place on the big screen. Beyond the casual sips and clinks, the presence of drinks, especially beer, in the hands of TV and film characters holds more profound narrative significance. But have you ever paused to consider why? The reason transcends the simple act of quenching thirst. It’s a narrative tool, a visual shorthand that creators employ with finesse.

Firstly, a drink in hand can often set the scene. From the casual mates’ meet-up at the local pub to the tense drink before a confrontation, the presence of beer usually underscores the mood. Be it a celebratory toast or a solitary drink highlighting introspection, prop beer provides a lens through which viewers gain insights into a character’s state of mind.

Moreover, social settings in films often mirror real life, tapping into a deep-seated cultural tradition. Around the world, from the bustling beer gardens of Germany to the tranquil sake ceremonies of Japan, gathering with friends over a drink is a universal ritual. It transcends mere social interaction; it’s a testament to camaraderie, relaxation, and sometimes even rites of passage. 

When characters bond over shared beverages on screen, it resonates with audiences globally. We see fragments of our lives, memories, and stories in these moments, making the narrative all the more relatable and compelling. So, it’s not just a casual direction from Speilberg to Hanks to “swig a beer”. 

Iconic Movie Moments Fuelled by a Drink

So, we have answered the question, “what do they use for beer in movies?”. Let’s now explore a few unforgettable scenes where a beverage, especially beer, has played a pivotal role in driving the narrative. These moments, though seemingly mundane, often carry weighty significance. 

  1. Jaws” (1975): Who can forget the iconic scene aboard the Orca when Quint, Brody, and Hooper share stories and show off scars while drinking? It’s a bonding moment, full of camaraderie, right before the exhilarating shark attack. The drinks here symbolise a momentary relief from the lurking danger.
  2. Good Will Hunting” (1997): In the scene at the Harvard bar, Will Hunting (Matt Damon) uses his intellect to defend his friend from a pretentious grad student. The setting of the bar and the beers in their hands set the stage for this clash of classes and wits.
  3. Inglourious Basterds” (2009): Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece has a tense scene set in a German tavern where undercover allies are almost exposed because of a simple gesture while ordering drinks. In this case, the drinks serve as both a comfort and a peril.
  4. Crazy, Stupid, Love.” (2011): The bar scenes where Jacob (Ryan Gosling) teaches Cal (Steve Carell) how to regain his manhood are pivotal. With each drink, Cal transforms, and the beverages act as catalysts for his journey of self-discovery.
  5. The World’s End” (2013): This entire film revolves around a pub crawl. The Golden Mile, a series of 12 pubs, becomes the backdrop for an alien invasion. Here, beer isn’t just a drink; it’s central to the film’s plot, symbolising nostalgia, youth, and the past.

Furthermore, drinking scenes can serve as pivotal plot devices. Consider the number of times revelations, confessions, or pivotal moments have happened over a drink. Often laden with dialogue, these scenes need a naturalistic prop for characters to interact with, preventing the scene from becoming stagnant. Enter the ever-reliable prop beer.

However, it’s essential to remember the art of illusion in cinema. While our favourite characters might seem to be indulging in a genuine brew, more often than not, what’s in their hands is a testament to the craft of movie-making. Incredibly, what seems like a real, frothy brew is often just an expertly crafted prop!

Unmasking Heisler Beer: A Prop Beer Legend

What is Heisler beer?
What is Heisler Beer?

Among the diverse prop beers, one name stands out as a legend in the industry. Heisler Beer, a name you might recognise from countless TV shows and movies, embodies the art of prop beer creation. But what exactly is Heisler Beer, and why does it appear so frequently on screen?

Heisler Beer is a fictional brand, a stock prop beer utilised across various entertainment platforms. It’s the creation of the Hollywood prop house, Independent Studio Services, and is an essential tool in filmmakers’ arsenal.

Unlike a regular brew, Heisler Beer is non-alcoholic. Its appearance is crafted to mimic a real beer, right down to the iconic gold and red label that has become a subtle inside joke within the industry. This ubiquitous prop beer has been spotted in shows ranging from “Grey’s Anatomy” to “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia“.

A memorable appearance of Heisler Beer was in the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” In the episode “The Chopper,” Captain Holt and Detective Jake Peralta are seen clinking bottles of Heisler Beer as they celebrate a minor victory in their case. This fleeting yet relatable moment emphasised the bond between the characters and subtly nodded to the keen-eyed fans familiar with the legendary prop beverage. Scenes like these remind us of the intricate layers of storytelling and the masterful craft behind every prop that graces our screens.

Why do filmmakers opt for Heisler instead of genuine, recognisable brands? Using a fictional beer allows filmmakers to sidestep potential legal and marketing issues tied to real products. It maintains a semblance of reality without directly promoting or misrepresenting an actual brand. In a way, Heisler Beer symbolises the neutral ground in the beverage world, lending credibility without overshadowing the narrative.

The fascinating aspect of Heisler Beer and similar prop beers isn’t just their realism but the questions they raise about product placement, authenticity, and the lengths to which creators go to craft a believable world. They remind us that every detail, down to the label on a beer bottle, is a considered choice.


Crafting prop beer for movies is an intricate art requiring precision, imagination, and a keen eye for detail. The world of prop beer, from pub scenes to iconic labels like Heisler Beer, is not just about simulating reality but weaving intricate tales of authenticity. These beverages, meticulously designed to look genuine while being non-alcoholic, ensure actors remain at their peak performance and the narrative flows seamlessly. It’s a testament to the tireless creativity and practicality poured into every TV and film sip, toast, and bottle label. So, next time you’re engrossed in a film or your favourite TV show, take a moment to toast to the unsung heroes behind those iconic on-screen pints!


What do actors drink in movies instead of whiskey?

In movies, actors often drink coloured water, tea, or apple juice as substitutes for whiskey. These alternatives can closely mimic the colour and consistency of whiskey without any of the alcoholic content, allowing actors to perform scenes that require drinking without the effects of alcohol. Special prop beverages are also created to look and sometimes taste like whiskey while being completely non-alcoholic.

Did they drink real beer in the Beerfest movie?

In “Beerfest,” the actors did not drink real beer during the filming of the movie. Instead, they used a non-alcoholic substitute to simulate beer consumption.

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