Best beers to serve at a wedding

Cheers to Forever: Selecting the Best Beers for Your Wedding

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Your wedding day should reflect every essence of your bond, down to the beer you toast with. Imagine sipping the same beer you shared on your first date or the brew you both discovered during a holiday. The best beers to serve at a wedding cater to a diverse palate, offering a blend of classic favourites and contemporary brews, ensuring every guest finds their perfect pour. Such brews marry (see what I did there) sophistication with taste, spanning from crisp lagers to full-bodied ales. Every bottle and every pour has the potential to tell a story. So, here comes the guide to walk you through a meticulously curated list of the best beers to serve at your weddings, making every sip a cherished memory.

Best Beers to Serve at a Wedding: Crafting Special Memories One Sip at a Time

The ambience of your wedding isn’t just set by the decor or the music; it’s also profoundly influenced by the beverages you offer at the bar. Imagine the sheer joy of a guest discovering their favourite beer or being intrigued by a new brew they’ve never tasted. Such experiences weave into lasting memories.

Selecting the best beers to serve at a wedding is more than just a logistical decision; it’s about crafting moments. The stories behind your drink choices, such as featuring a beer from where you first met, can elevate simple sips to memorable moments.

However, it’s not just about personal stories. A well-thought-out beer menu featuring a diverse range from crisp lagers to rich stouts ensures that every guest, from the beer novice to the lover, finds a glass they adore. It’s a delightful surprise for guests when they realise the couple has considered their diverse tastes. This attention to detail transforms your wedding from a mere gathering to a heartfelt celebration.

As we journey further, we’ll delve into the specifics, guiding you on the numbers, types, and even the narratives that can be spun with your chosen beers. The best beers to serve at a wedding are those that resonate with you and your guests, turning every sip into a moment of connection and celebration. So, let’s embark on this flavourful voyage, ensuring your wedding stands out in every delightful way.

Understanding Beer Variety: How Many Types of Beer to Serve at a Wedding

The bar menu can undeniably become a pivotal talking point of the evening. One frequently posed question by couples during wedding planning is, “How many types of beer should we serve at a wedding?” While the answer can vary depending on several factors, we’re here to provide you with a discerning guideline.

Diversity is the name of the game. A wedding usually draws a mixed crowd: From your wild university buddies to your granddad who’s been loyal to the same brew for decades, it’s essential to cater to everyone. 

As a baseline, offering three to four different beer types strikes a harmonious balance. This can encompass a refreshing lager for the traditionalists, a tantalising IPA for those seeking some hoppy punch, a smooth stout or porter for the ones fond of deeper, richer flavours, and perhaps a zesty wheat beer or fruity sour ale for something bold and exciting. If you have a special brew, one that sparks a memory or story, don’t hesitate to include it. It can be the highlight, lending a personal touch.

Top Beer Recommendations to Grace Your Wedding Bar

  1. Crisp Lager Recommendation: Beavertown – Neck Oil Session IPAA versatile and refreshing choice, suitable for a broad audience.
  2. Hoppy IPA Recommendation: BrewDog – Punk IPAFor those who crave a punchier, hop-forward brew.
  3. Rich Stout Recommendation: Guinness DraughtAn iconic choice, providing depth and character.
  4. Smooth Porter Recommendation: Fuller’s London PorterDelivers a velvety touch with hints of chocolate and coffee.
  5. Zesty Wheat Beer Recommendation: Erdinger WeissbierLight and effervescent, perfect for daytime sipping.
  6. Fruity Ale Recommendation: Adnams – Ghost Ship Citrus Pale AleA delightful balance of malt sweetness with citrus undertones.
  7. Special Mention: Think of a personal favourite or a brew that holds sentimental value for the couple. Whether it’s the first beer you both tried on a date or a local beer from a memorable trip, include it to add a personal touch.

With these selections, you ensure a spectrum of flavours and styles, catering to the casual beer drinker and the enthusiast. Consider your audience and any particularly memorable beers that resonate with your relationship when finalising your wedding beer menu.

It’s not merely about quantity but the quality and range that ensure each guest finds their desired sip. While diving deeper into our guide, you’ll learn about calculating the exact amount required, ensuring no glass remains empty. But, for now, remember this: The thoughtful selection truly matters when pondering how many types of beer to serve at a wedding. So, let’s ensure every toast raised is one of delight and contentment!

Mastering Wedding Beer Quantities: How Much Beer for 100 Guests or More Wedding?

Ever wondered how much beer you’d actually need? Get this right, and you’ll ensure flowing conversations and high spirits without any risk of dry taps. 

How much beer for a wedding?
How much beer is needed for a wedding?

For an average gathering, estimate two beers per guest for the first hour, followed by one beer each subsequent hour. Doing the maths: 2 beers/guest for the first hour and 3 beers/guest for the next three hours, totalling 5 beers/guest. 

So as an example, how many beers for 100 guests? Multiply the previous calculation by 100 guests, and you get 500 beers.

However, always keep a buffer. Surprises can pop up; the best man’s toast is exceptionally touching, leading to many more raised glasses, or perhaps your college friends decide to relive their days of beer-fueled banter. 

It’s also worth noting that only some guests will partake, and some might opt for different beverages. Let’s remember our designated drivers. Yet, it’s far better to slightly overestimate than find yourself in a beer shortage quandary. Better safe than sorry!

So, as you draft your wedding plans, consider these guidelines not as strict rules but as flexible suggestions, moulding them to your knowledge of your guests and the nature of your celebration. 


Selecting the best beers to serve at a wedding guarantees a memorable experience for your guests. Everyone finds a favourite with diverse options, but it’s equally crucial to calculate the right amount, especially for larger gatherings. Considering the variety in tastes, offering multiple types ensures everyone has a choice they cherish. Moreover, understanding how much beer you need for a wedding and accurately determining the number of beers for your guest list, especially if catering for 100 guests or more, is paramount. Remember, for a memorable wedding, serve diverse beers, offer 3-4 types, and ensure adequate supply by estimating two beers per guest for the first hour and one for each subsequent hour. As glasses rise in the name of love, our guide ensures that each sip combines flavour and emotion flawlessly, crafting an unforgettable experience on your special day. Ready to raise a toast to forever?

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