Best pubs in Bromley

Best Pubs in Bromley: Your Ultimate Tavern Trail

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Bromley is a vibrant borough located in southeast London, which boasts a diverse range of pubs that blend tradition with modernity. In this post, we embark on an exciting journey to discover the heart of Bromley’s pub scene, exploring the unique essence of each tavern. Our focus is on finding the best pubs in Bromley, including The Partridge, The Railway Tavern, and The Artful Duke, which are renowned for their eclectic brews, lively atmospheres, and rich histories. Our quest to uncover the best pubs in Bromley, drunkenly traversing the streets of Beckenham, Penge, and Orpington.

Unveiling Bromley High Street’s Hidden Gems

Embarking on an exploration of Bromley High Street unveils an irresistible blend of traditional charm and modern flair, captured eloquently within its diverse range of pubs. Let’s take a look at the best pubs in Bromley High Street.

The Artful DukeHolding a notable spot at 196-198 Bromley High Street, The Artful Duke emerges as a vibrant venue. Known for its lively sports screenings, pulsating live music, and engaging pub quizzes, it’s a haven for both the young and the young at heart, encapsulating the dynamic spirit of Bromley.

The PartridgeA short amble unveils The Partridge, a classic pub with a rich heritage. Renowned for its excellent Sunday roasts and warm, inviting atmosphere, it’s a locale where tradition and community converge, offering a quintessentially British pub experience.

Barrel & HornFurther down at 204-206 High Street, the Barrel & Horn beckons. It’s a place where camaraderie and exemplary ale flow, embodying the essence of a traditional British pub nestled amidst the modern bustle of Bromley.

The Railway TavernThe Railway Tavern is not just a pub but a narrative of Bromley’s lively spirit. With its welcoming ambience and a fine selection of brews, it’s a spot that resonates with the heartbeats of the local community.

The Railway, Bromley
The Railway Tavern – Bromley

As the narrative transitions from the bustling ambience of Bromley High Street to the serene charm of Beckenham, a fresh chapter of pub exploration beckons. Beckenham, adorned with its rich pub culture, invites a deeper delve into the ale-infused tales awaiting in each local haunt.

Beckenham’s Best Pubs

Beckenham is a vibrant town with a friendly environment that boasts a plethora of pubs, each with its unique character. When searching for the best pubs in Beckenham, you will discover a world where every pub celebrates camaraderie and good beer. Let’s take a stroll through some of the top picks.

The George InnThis historic inn with a large beer garden is a haven for cask ale enthusiasts. It is known for its friendly atmosphere and a hearty selection of ales. There is often live music played on the weekends, and why not try your luck on Wednesday’s pub quiz?

The George Inn - Beckenham
The George Inn – Beckenham

The Chancery: A fusion of a pub and a restaurant, it’s lauded for serving great food alongside a vast selection of wines, making it a versatile choice for different occasions.

Erin’s (Whelan’s Pub Chain)Newly opened and situated prominently on The High Street, Erin’s delivers a traditional Irish welcome with a touch of modernity. With TVs in every corner and live music every Friday and Saturday evening, it’s a hub for live music and sports enthusiasts.

Kelsey House Bar & KitchenIts atmosphere is as inviting as its brews, offering a modern spot for the locals to unwind with a drink. Also provides a killer bottomless brunch and delicious cocktails to wash down the weekend. 

Jolly Woodman: Nestled amidst the hustle, it’s a place where tradition and modernity meet over a pint. Renowned as the best pub in Beckenham by locals, its British ambience is the soul of its charm.

Patrick’s Beckenham: As a bonus pub, if you’re looking for a fine sports bar that becomes a little fruity on weekend evenings, look no further. Patrick’s, with its exemplary Guinness and TVs shining in every corner, is a perfect place to watch the football. 

As we move from the lively streets of Beckenham to the serene ambience of Penge, the narrative changes, but the essence remains the same – community, camaraderie, and cherished memories over a good pint. Penge, with its quaint and cosy pubs, offers a more laid-back pub culture, beckoning with the promise of quiet evenings and heartwarming conversations. Our quest for the best pubs continues, with each stop revealing more about the local culture and the timeless tradition of British pubs.

Penge’s Pub Paradises

As we transition from Beckenham to Penge, a unique pub culture blends tradition with modern ambience. Exploring the best pubs in Penge unveils a fascinating array of venues that embody the essence of British pub culture.

The Goldsmiths ArmsOften touted as the best family pub in Penge, The Goldsmiths Arms is a cosy, family-oriented local pub renowned for its quality beer, hearty pub food, and friendly atmosphere. With a spacious open bar, a restaurant, and a 120-seater garden, it’s a prime spot for social gatherings.

The Alexandra: Located at 163 Parish Lane, The Alexandra is another favourite among the locals, providing a traditional pub environment with a touch of modernity, embodying the friendly spirit of Penge.

Alexandra - Penge
Alexandra – Penge

Bridge House PubNestled next to the Penge entrance of the fantastic Crystal Palace Park, the Bridge House Pub extends an invitation to enjoy good food, fine ales, and live performances in a theatrical setting.

As our pub exploration journey continues, we now steer towards Orpington, where a new set of taverns await to be discovered, each holding a distinct narrative, reflecting the community’s vibrant spirit.

The Best Pubs in Orpington

Embarking on a journey through Orpington’s spirited pub scene unveils a delightful blend of traditional charm and contemporary spice. Whether you’re seeking the timeless allure of an old country pub or the modern finesse of a gastropub, Orpington doesn’t disappoint.

Royal OakNestled in the heart of Orpington, the Royal Oak offers a quintessentially British pub experience. This country pub is praised for its rustic ambience and an array of delectable bites that perfectly complement the relaxed setting.

White HartAnother gem on Orpington’s pub map is the White Hart. Known for its welcoming atmosphere and an impressive selection of brews, it’s a place where the community gathers to watch live sports, play pool, and enjoy good company.

The White Hart, Orpington
The White Hart – Orpington

The Rose & Crown: Situated at Green Street Green, The Rose & Crown is a classic gastropub that has become a cornerstone in the local pub scene. Renowned for its fantastic food and drink served all day, every day, it’s a place where tradition meets modern comfort.

The Buff: Earning accolades for its great atmosphere and excellent service, The Buff in Orpington is a testament to the town’s vibrant pub culture. With a line-up of events throughout the week and a staff that goes the extra mile, it’s a pub that embodies the warm spirit of Orpington.

These curated spots represent just a snippet of the lively pub culture in Orpington, each with its unique charm and offerings. As you hop from one pub to the next, you’re not just exploring different pubs but the rich tapestry of experiences that Orpington has to offer.


Our invigorating expedition uncovers a vibrant pub culture across Bromley Borough and its charming town centres – Beckenham, Penge, and Orpington. The best pubs in Bromley, like The Artful Duke, entice with lively atmospheres, while Beckenham’s The George Inn exudes traditional charm. Penge’s Goldsmiths Arms offers a cosy family setting, and Orpington’s Royal Oak encapsulates rustic charisma. Each pub, with its unique narrative and ambience, contributes to the region’s rich ale-infused tapestry. The journey through these local haunts is not just a quest for the finest brews but an exploration of community, camaraderie, and the timeless tradition of British pub culture.

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