Do astronauts drink beer in space?

A Galactic Toast: Do Astronauts Drink Beer in Space?

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Have you ever wondered, “Do astronauts drink beer in space?” Your cosmic curiosity is about to be sated. In the past, beer and other alcoholic beverages have been taken into space for scientific experiments and previous space missions. However, astronauts are currently prohibited from consuming alcohol aboard the International Space Station. We are about to journey through untold galaxies, uncovering secrets as vast as the universe itself. Keep reading to quench your thirst for knowledge on this cosmic mystery!

Do Astronauts Drink Beer in Space? – A Deep Dive into Space Travel and Alcohol

Have you ever questioned the historical relationship between astronauts and alcoholic beverages in space? Prepare to be fascinated by the intricate and somewhat clandestine affair that has unfolded over decades between space travellers and alcohol.

In the early stages of space exploration, astronauts experienced the pleasure of sipping alcoholic beverages whilst floating amidst the stars. The Apollo missions, for instance, saw the inclusion of sherry-style wine planned for the astronauts to enjoy their meal times more.

During the historic Apollo 8 mission, astronauts Frank Borman, Jim Lovell, and William A. Anders found a way to celebrate Christmas Eve in the silent depths of space, sipping from tiny pouches of wine, a secret toast that remained away from the public eye for a long time. Meanwhile, far from being left behind in this clandestine tradition, Russian cosmonauts have demonstrated a knack for smuggling cherished cognac onto the International Space Station, as revealed in Mary Roach’s enlightening book “Packing for Mars“. 

However, the idea of drinking in space was quickly shelved due to public backlash. But whispers and anecdotal accounts hint at secretive sips taken in the vast expanse of space, revealing a clandestine affair between astronauts and their cherished drinks.

As space missions evolved, space agencies adopted a more stringent stance, imposing strict no-alcohol policies to safeguard the health and safety of astronauts, ensuring the precision and alertness required for the intricate tasks at hand. 

However, these regulations haven’t entirely managed to dampen the spirit of human curiosity and the innate desire to merge the pleasures of Earth with the mesmerising experience of space exploration. As we stand on the brink of privatised space travel, the dream of enjoying a pint while gazing at distant stars isn’t entirely off the table. 

Get ready for an exciting journey into the cosmos, where we will explore the connection between alcohol and space travel throughout history. We’ll also look at the possibility of astronauts enjoying drinks in space in the future. 

The Great Cosmic Brewery: Unveiling the Mysteries of the Alcohol Cloud in Space

As our curiosity navigates further, we stumble upon a phenomenon that might seem straight out of a science fiction tale. “Is there alcohol floating in space?” you ask. Well, brace yourselves as we take you on a cosmic journey to the enigmatic alcohol cloud in space, where the universe unveils itself as the grandest brewery of all time.

Prepare to be dazzled as we unravel the mysteries of the Sagittarius B2 cloud, a celestial entity situated at the vibrant centre of our galaxy. In this place, the universe hosts a celestial spectacle like no other. Here are some astonishing facts about this grand cosmic brewery:

  • Location: Nestled in the vibrant centre of our galaxy, it offers a cosmic spectacle like no other.
  • Volume: Harbours a staggering amount of alcohol, enough to fill 400 trillion trillion pints of beer, a remarkable display of the universe’s grand scale.
  • Composition: Before you start envisioning intergalactic pub crawls, it’s essential to note that the type of alcohol found here is methanol, a component more commonly found in antifreeze and fuel and not suitable for consumption.
  • Scientific Significance: Despite its non-potable nature, this discovery sheds light on the fascinating chemical compositions and reactions happening ceaselessly in the boundless universe, opening doors to intriguing scientific explorations.

We ponder the thrilling possibilities as we voyage deeper into this captivating realm. Could this be the starting point of an era where the art of brewing marries cosmic wonders, heralding the inception of truly ‘stellar’ beverages in the future? Hold tight as we continue this thrilling exploration, opening doors to even more tantalising questions and adventures in the cosmic brewery.

What Does Outer Space Taste Like According to Astronauts?

What does outer space taste like?
What Does Outer Space Taste Like?

As our stellar expedition progresses, we embark upon a culinary adventure like no other, aiming to tantalise your taste buds with the flavours of the cosmos. So, what does outer space taste like? 

Imagine holding a pint filled not with Stella (see what I did there) but with the flavours of the universe. Astronauts have often been at the forefront of such experiences. According to them, there’s a particular ‘metallic’ taste to space, a sensory encounter that defies earthly comparisons. Chris Hadfield once likened space’s smell and ‘taste’ to “a kind of burnt-almond cookie, or maybe welding fumes”. 

A group of scientists studying space dust have made a surprising discovery. They discovered that our galaxy’s centre contains more than just metallic properties. Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy have revealed that there are traces of a flavour profile that is reminiscent of raspberries, as well as the enticing scent of rum. Dr. Arnaud Belloche, a notable figure in the study, was amazed to find ethyl formate in the cloud. This ester gives raspberries their delightful flavour and carries a hint of a rum scent. This discovery paints a vivid picture of a universe that holds secrets as enticing as a good tale spun at a cosmic bar.

As we prepare to bring this cosmic journey to a close, we invite you to ponder upon the mysteries and wonders the universe unfolds, offering a sensory experience beyond the visual beauty of twinkling stars and nebulae.


As we continue our exploration of space and its relation to alcohol, we have gone from the possibility of astronauts enjoying a drink in the past to discovering a methanol-filled alcohol cloud. However, what truly captures the imagination is the taste of the cosmos. With hints of metallic notes and a surprising hint of raspberry rum, the universe invites us to uncover its celestial secrets and marvels. Let’s raise a toast to the unknown and continue this journey of celestial discovery together.

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