What beer to take to a music festival?

The Beer Lineup: Curating Your Festival Brew List

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Heading to a music festival and pondering which beer to take along? The festive atmosphere at these events demands something both refreshing and fitting. So, what beer should you take to a music festival? The answer: opt for light, crisp brews like lagers, wheat beers or session IPAs, which complement the lively festival vibe and keep you dancing for longer. These choices ensure you stay refreshed amidst the beats and cheers. Dive into our guide as we explore the ideal brews for the occasion, tips to keep them cold, and some surprising room-temperature delights awaiting the discerning festival-goer.

What Beer to Take to a Music Festival: Top Choices

Attending a music festival is an exciting experience that combines amazing performances, the company of like-minded individuals, and the refreshing surroundings of nature. Accordingly, the beer you select should complement the vibrant atmosphere. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider the event’s vibe and energy when deciding which beer to bring.

The heart of a festival lies in its pulsating beats, soulful tunes, and shared experiences. Imagine you’re in the thick of it, the crowd around you sways in rhythm, and you hold a beer that elevates this experience in your hand. Light lagers, known for their crispness, can be your best mate as they not only quench your thirst but also invigorate your senses. Wheat beers, with their slight hint of sweetness and cloudy appearance, mirror the hazy, magical aura of a festival sunset. And for those who prefer a hint of hop without the overwhelming buzz, session IPAs strike the right chord, letting you enjoy the music and merriment for extended hours.

However, it’s about more than just the type of beer but also the experience it promises. Consider beers with intriguing backstories or local brews that resonate with the festival’s location. Such choices can spark conversations, making your festival moments even more memorable.

Remember, a music festival is not just an event. It’s an adventure. And every adventure deserves a companion, such as a beer that encapsulates the festival’s spirit. Let’s explore the art of chilling your chosen brews and introduce you to some beers that defy the norms and shine at room temperature. Stay with us, for the festival of beers has just begun!

How to Keep Beer Cold Outside During a Music Festival

Imagine this: you’re at a lively music festival, the sun is shining down, and you’re looking forward to enjoying a cool, refreshing drink. However, your beer is lukewarm. Don’t worry; we’re here to share some of the best tips on how to keep your beer cold outside so you can fully enjoy every sip while dancing to the festival beats.

  1. Begin with Pre-Chilled Beers: Starting with beers already chilled to their optimal temperature gives you a head-start. Think of it as tuning your guitar before a big performance – it sets the right tone and gives you a head-start in maintaining that chill.
  2. Invest in a Quality Cooler: Much like a prized instrument needs its protective case, your beers deserve a top-notch cooler. Coolers with superior insulation can be your beer’s best mate, guarding them against the unforgiving summer heat.
  3. Strategic Ice Layering: To ensure an even coolness, lay a generous amount of ice at the cooler’s bottom, place your beers, and then crown them with another layer of ice. This ‘beer sandwich’ technique ensures your brews are enveloped in coolness.
  4. Minimise Cooler Access: Every time you pop open that cooler, you invite warmth. Plan your beer breaks and try to fetch multiple cans in one go. This way, the cold stays in, and the heat stays out.
  5. Seek Out the Shade: Just as you seek a shaded spot to enjoy the festival, ensure your cooler enjoys a similar luxury. A shady spot significantly reduces the rate at which your beers warm up.

Armed with these tips on how to keep beer cold outside, you’re not just attending a music festival; you’re on your way to becoming the most popular person there. But the journey doesn’t end here; some beers dare to be different, relishing the ambient warmth. 

What Beer Should I Drink at Room Temperature at Festivals?

There’s an age-old beer adage: “Cold as the Rockies, crisp as an autumn morning.” Yet, while chilly beers might be the go-to for most, a world of flavour awaits those who dare to explore beers at room temperature. Wondering what beer you should drink at room temperature during a festival? Let’s embark on this flavourful journey together.

What beer should I drink at room temperature?
What beer should I drink at room temperature?

Firstly, it’s essential to note that not every beer suits this warm embrace. However, certain types truly blossom when not restricted by the chill of refrigeration. These are typically beers with intricate layers of flavour, which unfold beautifully when given the freedom of ambient warmth.

Stouts and Porters: These dark and often creamy brews come alive at room temperature. The subtle notes of chocolate, coffee, and sometimes even dried fruit are far more discernible, painting a richer palette on your palate.

Belgian Ales: Renowned for their complex flavours and aromas, Belgian ales – especially the darker varieties – present a symphony of tastes ranging from fruity to spicy. At room temperature, this symphony plays in perfect harmony.

Barleywines: Bold and often boozy, barleywines reveal their depth when warmer. Their high alcohol content and sweet, malty undertones make them a treat for those patient enough to sip and savour.

The idea of enjoying a beer at room temperature might seem unorthodox, especially amidst the fervour of a music festival. However, as the evening winds down and the cooler beats take over, holding a room-temperature beer can be akin to cradling a piece of liquid art – intricate, surprising, and utterly delightful.

As we wrap up our beer-soaked festival guide, let’s bring together all we’ve learned, ensuring your festival experience is nothing short of legendary.


Selecting the right beer for a music festival enhances the entire experience. Whether you’re sipping on light, festival-friendly brews or delving into the richer profiles of room-temperature stouts and ales, every choice matters. Knowing what beer to drink at room temperature and how to keep beer cold outside, you’re primed for a festival experience like no other. Remember, it’s not just the music that creates unforgettable moments; it’s the shared experiences over a perfectly chosen pint. So, arm yourself with this knowledge, and here’s to making festival memories that last a lifetime, one beer at a time.

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