- What is the best beer for tapas?

Small Plates, Big Flavours: Best Beer for Tapas

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Tapas are those delicious Spanish bites that deserve an equally tasty beer to go with them. The best beer for tapas is usually light and crisp, like Pilsners or Wheat beers, which perfectly complement the robust flavours of Spanish dishes. While the pairing depends on the type of tapas you’re having, these beers tend to make the flavours even richer, taking your dining experience up a notch. Come with us as we explore Spain, discovering the fantastic combination of beers and tapas to perfect your Spanish culinary adventure.

The Ultimate Pair: Beer and Tapas

Crafting a perfect tapas spread is an art. And finding the ideal beer to pair with it is a whole adventure. Each tapa has its unique flavour, from the spicy albondigas (meatballs), the smoky chorizo, and the delicate almejas (clams) to the hearty patatas bravas. And it deserves a beer that can take it to the next level. But finding the ideal beer for tapas can be challenging. It’s about finding the perfect match between two distinct flavours.

Imagine eating rich, garlic-infused gambas al ajillo, only to wash it down with a beer that ruins its zest. That’s just wrong, right? Instead, a wheat beer or a zesty pilsner could enhance those spicy undertones, making every bite and sip unforgettable.

As we move forward, we’ll explore the nuances of some of the most popular tapas dishes and their beer counterparts. Whether you’re savouring the saltiness of anchovies or the creaminess of patatas bravas, there’s a beer out there waiting to pair up.

Here’s a little sneak peek: Spanish dishes are known for their robustness, spices, oils, and distinct flavours. And they often find their soulmate in light, airy, and crisp beers. This contrast creates a balance on the palate, allowing each tapa to shine.

Best Beer for Spanish Ham and Calamari 

What is the best beer for Spanish ham?
What is the best beer for Spanish ham?

While exploring the streets of Barcelona, I remember thinking that Spanish ham is just something else! It’s so silky thin and with so many flavours going on. And you know what makes it even better? Pairing it with the right beer! Märzen and Bock beers are the way to go, trust me. The sweetness and fizziness of these beers balance out the saltiness of the ham, making it taste even richer. 

Now, let’s talk calamari. Who doesn’t love crispy, golden calamari? But the real question is, what beer should you pair it with? The answer is simple: Pilsner. It’s light and crispy, just like the calamari, and it has a subtle bitterness that cuts through the fried coating and brings out the tender squid inside. 

But listen, these aren’t just any old pairings. They’re like culinary love stories. The strength of the Spanish ham finds its match in the Märzen’s embrace. And the delicacy of calamari is best friends with Pilsner. It’s all about creating moments on your taste buds where the beer and food get each other. 

And hey, there are so many tapas out there; who knows what other awesome combinations we have yet to discover! So, let’s pour another glass, grab another plate, and keep exploring the heart of Spanish cuisine. This beer and tapas story is just getting started!

A Sip of Spain: What Beer Do Spaniards Drink?

As you wander through the lively roads of Spain, you’ll notice that locals love their beer almost as much as their wine. In Madrid, people joke that no meal is complete without a cold beer, just like no day is complete without sunshine. So, what kind of beer do Spaniards drink? The answer is simple: ‘Cerveza‘, the local term for beer and usually a light, refreshing lager. Brands like MahouEstrella Damm, and Madri are not only famous but also household names shared among friends at bustling street cafes. 

Different regions in Spain have their own unique beer preferences. In the cooler regions like Galicia and the Basque Country, locals like slightly heavier brews such as stouts and ales, which go well with the meat-centric tapas of the area. On the other hand, in sunny Andalusia, lighter beers are more popular, perfect for sipping with seafood tapas and olives while enjoying the warm weather. In Seville, it’s common to see friends gathering in the plazas, chatting and enjoying their beers as the day winds down.

Despite the regional differences, the beauty of Spain’s beer scene is in its fusion. Every region has its favourite, but there’s a mutual appreciation for the diverse flavours that beer brings to the table. Spain tells a story in every sip, from Valencia’s craft beers to Barcelona’s bustling beer festivals. So, if you’re heading to Spain, take some time to explore the local beers and discover your perfect pairing.


When it comes to tapas and beer, finding the perfect match can take your dining experience to the next level. For example, Pilsners go well with calamari, while Märzen’s sweetness complements the Spanish ham. Although the locals of Spain love their ‘Cerveza’, different regions have their own beer preferences, like hearty stouts up north and refreshing lagers down south, which makes it a diverse beer selection. Finding your ideal beer for tapas combines personal preference and regional influence, making every bite and sip a dining adventure. Don’t be afraid to dive in, explore and let Spain’s flavours guide your palate!

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